Master's application with placement procedure - Dutch previous education

You must first make sure you meet the admission requirements of the Master's programme you would like to apply for. The application procedure then consists of two steps: first, submitting an enrolment application in Studielink, then uploading documents in OSIRIS Application.


  1. Step 1: Submit an enrolment application in Studielink

    To apply for a Master’s programme, you have to create an account and an enrolment application in Studielink. First, you will be asked to fill in your previous education, then select the programme you wish to apply for in the list that appears. You can apply for a programme for the following academic year from 1 October onwards. 

    Apply in Studielink

  2. Step 2: Upload documents in OSIRIS Application

    After you have submitted an enrolment request in Studielink, you will receive an email with personal login details for OSIRIS Application. You have 56 days to upload your documents and submit a complete application. If you have not submitted your application after this period, it will be automatically cancelled.

    You can find the application deadline at the top of the Admission & application page of the Master's programme. 

  3. Step 3: Keep an eye on your inbox

    Your completed questionnaire will be processed. Within approximately 3 weeks after you have submitted the digital questionnaire, Student Admissions will inform you by email about the admission decision. There are three possible outcomes:

    1. You are admitted to the placement procedure.
    2. You are admitted to the placement procedure under certain conditions. There are conditions that you must first meet to be admitted.
    3. You will not be admitted to the placement procedure. Your application in Studielink will be withdrawn. You will receive further details by email about why your application was rejected.

    The details of this outcome will be sent to the email address that you provided in Studielink.

  4. Step 4: Participate in the placement procedure

    Have you been admitted to the placement procedure? Then you will receive an email from the Master's programme about what the placement procedure looks like and what actions are expected of you. Based on the placement procedure, it will be assessed whether you will be selected for the Master’s. There are two possible outcomes:

    1. You are offered a place in the Master’s. 
    2. You are not offered a place in the Master’s. Your application in Studielink will be withdrawn and, unfortunately, you cannot enrol for this programme.

    Have you been offered a place in the Master's programme?

    Go to the enrolment procedure and follow the steps to enrol.