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The feeling you get when you look at the result of something YOU made at the end of a project is the most satisfying feeling in the world!
Portrait Sanne de Kleijn
Sanne de Kleijn Alumnus Read Sanne's story
Stopping by a teacher's office is sometimes preferred to sending an email, and the teachers seem happy to help out.
Portrait Lotte van Elteren
Lotte van Elteren Alumnus Read Lotte's story
This tailored approach really feels like the study programme is more personalised, which I find very important.
Portrait Jorrit Geels
Jorrit Geels Student Read Jorrit's story
I chose the Netherlands because I wanted to study abroad for my whole bachelor’s study, and Radboud’s AI programme included a lot of interdisciplinary courses.
Portrait Clara Maine
Clara Maine Student Read Clara's story

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