Eloy Wijlhuizen

Nijmegen is a very cosy city. It has the facilities and activities of a city, but it has the relaxed atmosphere of a town.
Eloy Wijlhuizen
Artificial Intelligence
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Eloy Wijlhuizen is a bachelor student in Artificial Intelligence.

Why did you choose Radboud University?

There were multiple reasons why I chose Radboud University, but I’ll try to keep it concise. First of all, because there is a relaxed vibe at Radboud University. The professors here are approachable and everyone helps each other wherever they can. Secondly, because the city of Nijmegen is very appealing. There are a lot of parks and the people that live here are approachable and ‘gezellig’ as we say in Dutch.

What do you like about the Bachelor's programme and why? How has the programme challenged you?

What I like about the Bachelor's programme is the practical approach and ways of thinking about a problem. A lot of the time when I say that I study Artificial Intelligence people say: 'Wow that's the future'. However, in this study programme we also learn how we can use Artificial Intelligence to solve real world problems. In the course Societal Impact the quote 'With great power comes great responsibility' returns quite some times. It's not just the great things that we can do with Artificial Intelligence that we learn, we are also taught what the risks of Artificial Intelligence can be and how we should try to avoid them.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class (for example the relationship between students and with the teachers/researchers)?

The atmosphere is something special. Artificial Intelligence has quite some students, but it does feel like I know almost everyone once I go to my workgroups. We help each other out and when that doesn’t work teachers are eager to help you. You only have to take the first step.

What are your plans once you have received your Bachelor’s degree?

Once I have my Bachelor's degree there are many possibilities. Currently I am doing an internship at the iHub as a research assistant where I use my academic knowledge to help in multidisciplinary research. At the moment, I am very interested in data science and regulation. Since the field of Artificial Intelligence is changing at such a fast pace the possibilities of where I want to end up seem endless. The most beautiful thing about Artificial Intelligence is that you get a lot of tools to pave your own way.

Are you involved with the study association of your programme? If so, in what way?

After the first exam period I became an active member of our study association SV CognAC. As an active member you join a committee that you like. Every committee has its own tasks. It ranges from professional activities to arranging fun activities in which you and your fellow students do all sorts of things. Over the years I have made a lot of friends here and will probably make them for life.

What do you like about Nijmegen?

It’s a very cosy city. It has the facilities and activities of a city, but it has the relaxed atmosphere of a town. There is a lot of nature in and around Nijmegen so you can go for beautiful walks. As a real student city there are loads of students and the municipality itself creates a balance between the students and the rest of the city.

Did you visit any information meetings at the campus before you signed up for your studies? Did you find them useful and why?

No, I didn’t attend any information meetings, but I did have a friend that studied Artificial Intelligence already. I already had some interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data science, but I was still doubting which route to take. However, after some conversations with him and some other people he knew from Artificial Intelligence, I was convinced that Artificial Intelligence was the right study programme for me. Within a couple of weeks in my study programme, I couldn’t remember why I doubted in the first place.

What would you advise students when choosing a study programme?

When I graduated high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. What I do know now is this: whatever choice you make, as long as you keep in mind what you really want, even if your choice doesn’t seem to work out, you can always find a way to make it work. What's most important is that you choose something that you like.