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Bachelor's Open Day

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I'm studying Arts and Culture Studies because I enjoy doing it, not because I need this programme for something I want to do in the future.
Sam van Stokkom
Sam van Stokkom Student Read Sam's story
I always say that you can trust a ACW or ACS student to be friendly!
Janneke Kluts
Janneke Kluts Student Read Janneke's story
I like that the Arts and Culture Studies programme has a broad curriculum: from visual arts, literature and music, to theatre, film, television and fashion, and much more!
Adil Boughlala
Adil Boughlala Student Read Adil's story
I had never visited the Netherlands before I attended my Introduction Week so it was quite scary when I first arrived!
Freya Syson
Freya Syson Alumnus Read Freya's story
When I visited the campus and saw how green it was, I was sold. Plus, the Arts & Culture major just screamed me.
Portrait Selena
Selena Student Read Selena's story
Lecturers, classmates and mentors are there for you and you do get guidance throughout your studies so that you do not feel alone in the process!
Portrait Cami Rădulescu
Cami Rădulescu Student Read Cami's story

Meet the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts offers Bachelor's and Master's programmes in the fields of art, culture, history, communication and language. Our research is conducted within the research institutes Centre for Language Studies (CLS) and Radboud Institute for Culture and History (RICH). In the video below, you get a tour around our faculty.