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How do businesses ineract with their environment and stakeholders? And how do global environmental challenges affect organisational structures? Within the Business Administration programme you learn about what it takes for organisations to create social and economic value for long-term suvival of organisations.

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  • Learn about responsible and sustainable organisations and entrepeneurship.
  • Acquire research skills to critically assess scientific knowledge.
  • Learn about a broad range of integrated processes (e.g. marketing, HRM, strategy) in an international context.
  • Get the opportunity to study abroad or do an internship abroad as an optional part of the programme.
  • Follow your own interests and work on your personal development during a flexible semester in the third year.
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I have learned how to do qualitative and quantitative research and use other softwares that will be incredibly useful in my career.
Eleonora Shevchuk
Eleonora Shevchuk Student Read Eleonora's story
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What will you learn

Business Administration offers you a wide range of topics, with consideration  for international management, as well as for psychology, sociology, communication, economics and law. Ample consideration is given to the role of social and cultural aspects within organisations. After all, conducting good business involves a lot of interaction. 

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