Pien van den Abeele

Portrait Pien van den Abeele
I am also in love with the city of Nijmegen which made the decision quite easy to go to Radboud University.
Pien van den Abeele
Computing Science
Study start date
Previous education
VWO (NT/NG) Zeldenrust-Stellantcollege

Student Pien van den Abeele is following the Bachelor's programme Computing Science.

Why did you choose Radboud University?

I chose Radboud University because they offered a very interesting and original Computing Science programme. I am also in love with the city of Nijmegen which made the decision quite easy to go to Radboud University.

How did you experience the transition from high school to university?

It is definitely a big transition but with the mentor meetings in the first year and the help from older students, I found the transition quite nice. A lot of professors also want to help you and there is a lot of information on almost everything on Radboud's website and you can very easily just ask around.

What do you like about the Bachelor's programme and why?

I really like the Cyber Security parts of the Bachelor's programme, since that's also what I want to do in my Master's programme. But those are also quite challenging, which keeps it interesting in my opinion. I also found the courses that are a bit more mathematical quite challenging but very rewarding when you (finally) understand how it works.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class?

I think the atmosphere is very nice. Like I mentioned before everyone, the student and teachers, are open to questions and always want to help out where they can. That made it easy to make friends.

What are your plans once you have received your Bachelor’s degree?

My plans are to pursue the Master's programme in Cyber Security here at Radboud University once I finish my Bachelor's degree.

Are you involved with the study association of your programme?

Yes, I am involved in Thalia. In my first year I did two committees and this year another one. I like the events they host and often go to them. It's a nice association where everyone is welcome and a lot of different events are organised.

What do you like about Nijmegen?

I like the atmosphere. Everywhere you go there are students just hanging out and having fun. I live in the city center which I really enjoy since I can go everywhere but at the same time with a 5 min bike ride I can be in nature as well!

What would you advise students when choosing a study programme?

Choose something you think you like, and keep in mind there will always be courses you enjoy less. But what's important is that you enjoy the majority and feel like you are learning something interesting and which you want to pursue further on in your life.