Why study Computing Science in Nijmegen?

Computing Science is an English-taught Bachelor's programme. In three years, the programme will provide you with a broad and solid foundation. This allows you to deal with and shape the information technologies of the future.


Computing Science: something for you?

  • Unique aspects of the programme are the student software company GiPHouse and the New Devices Lab. Both involve close collaboration with fellow students in team projects: in GiPHouse to develop projects for real clients, in the New Devices lab to experiment with the latest IT gadgets.
  • Cyber Security research at Radboud University is leading in Europe. Independent research assessments over the past 10 years show that the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) ranks as the top computing science institute in the Netherlands.
  • Student advisors keep close contact to guide you through the programme and are easy to contact for all your questions.
  • Active study association Thalia organises all sort of activities. Some serious, some more for fun to get to know your fellow students, teachers, and alumni. Thalia also hosts events in collaboration with companies to help you in your career orientation.
  • The study programme Computing Science is best in its field according to Elsevier's Best Studies 2022.

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