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Are you interested in an English-taught Bachelor’s programme? Try it out for a day on campus! The Bachelor's Student for a Day visit at Radboud University is the best way to get familiar with the (academic) life of a student.

Bachelor's Experience Day

Radboud offers a lot of Bachelor’s programmes, and we understand it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. If you’re having trouble making a decision, join the Bachelor's Experience Day at Radboud University!

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In our online platform you can watch informational videos about all our Bachelor's programmes, when and where you want. You will already get really good insights into our study programmes.

Bachelor's Open Day

Choosing which university to attend can be a big decision. As a prospective student considering Radboud University, we understand that you may want to take a tour of the campus and speak with current students and staff.

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No one likes playing a game where you always win.
Panayiotis Loizou
Panayiotis Loizou Student Read Panayiotis' story
I think courses had the right difficulty level. They were challenging enough to keep us excited but not so difficult that it would become discouraging.
Portrait Bettina Nyeste
Bettina Nyeste Alumnus Read Bettina's story
Lecturers really listen to questions and comments from the students and take them seriously.
Portrait Sanna Winkelman
Sanna Winkelman Student Read 's story
My favorite thing about the programme is how all courses are related and built on each other.
Portrait Linh Le
Linh Le Student Read Linh's story