Linh Le

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My favorite thing about the programme is how all courses are related and built on each other.
Linh Le
Economics and Business Economics
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Linh Le is a Bachelor student Economics and Business Economics. 

Why did you decide to study in the Netherlands? And why did you choose Radboud University?

Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine. I ended up choosing The Netherlands mainly because of its eminent education system. I also heard wonderful things about Dutch people and the country itself, which is why I decided to pick The Netherlands as my home for at least three years for my Bachelor's! As for the university, I chose Radboud because of its esteemed position in many research fields and it also offered the programme that seemed compatible with my passion. In addition, Radboud is located in Nijmegen, which is a peaceful and lovely student city.

What do you like about the Bachelor's programme and why? How has the programme challenged you?

When I first started my Bachelor's programme, like many other students, there were some moments of doubt. I was not entirely sure that I would fit in the programme perfectly. However, after studying at Radboud for almost two years now, I can say for absolute certainty that this programme is where I belong. The Economics and Business Economics Bachelor's programme at Radboud is perfectly balanced mixture between studying economics from a psychological or social perspective and looking at it from a mathematical and logical perspective. In the first year, most of our courses involve studying the foundation and the history of economics as well as its role in social sciences. We got to take a close look at how the discipline came about and what characteristics distinguished it from other sciences. Afterwards, we were taught about the mechanisms underlying our economy from the micro to the macro level, which I personally found fascinating. My favorite thing about the programme is how all courses are related and built on each other. It makes me feel like what I studied was useful and could be applied to many fields.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class?

One of my favorite things about Radboud University is that I got to meet some incredibly passionate and kind teachers, who truly inspired me. My teachers never seemed to be bothered when we have questions and always try their best to make sure we truly understand the subject. In addition, they are also willing to help us outside lecture hours, so we can always come by their office if we still have difficulty with our courses.

What do you like about Nijmegen?

I love Nijmegen because it's a peaceful yet vibrant city. Since this is a student city, you can always find many places where students like us can have fun in the city center. In addition, the city is very environmentally friendly :)

What would you advise students when choosing a study programme?

My advice for a student when choosing a study programme is to look up carefully the courses in the programme to see whether they would suit your liking. I would also suggest they ask current students or the study advisor about those courses to find out more information. In my opinion, it is really important to make sure that you enroll in a programme where you can study what you actually enjoy.