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Study programme English Language and Culture year 2

Study year

During the second year of the Bachelor’s programme in English Language and Culture you will deepen and broaden the knowledge acquired in the first year. Your English fluency will improve, as will your understanding of language structure, the linguistic diversity of English and its spread across the globe as a world language. At the same time, you will expand and deepen your understanding of the most important works, genres and traditions in English literature.

About this study curriculum

In the field of linguistics you will take courses in phonology, syntax and modern and historical linguistics. You will also delve into the many varieties of the English language and English as a World Language. In addition, you will take courses in English and American literature and you will get acquainted with important literary genres, such as the novel, poetry and drama.

The tables below give you an idea of the current course overview for the second and third year of English Language and Culture. Please keep in mind that the programme structure and courses might change over time.

Total EC
60 EC

Elective courses are courses that you choose to take as part of a predetermined list of courses within your degree programme.