Study programme of English Language and Culture

The three-year Bachelor’s programme is divided into two semesters and four periods per year. At the end of each period, you will have a series of exams to test what you have learned. You can find the dates of the teaching periods, holidays and national celebrations on the Academic calendar on the Radboud University website.


When you register for the Bachelor programme in English Language and Culture, you indicate which track you wish to do: English Language and Culture or American Studies. When you choose English Language and Culture, you will deepen your knowledge of British English and you will learn all about British culture. More information on the American Studies track can be found on the American Studies website.

During the Bachelor programme, you will focus on all aspects of the language and culture. You will learn about the history and structure of the language and get acquainted with English literature throughout the centuries. And of course you will learn to speak and write (British) English at a professional level. With this goal in mind, all classes are taught entirely in English from the first day on and the programme offers various language acquisition courses throughout the three years of the BA.


A complete year at Radboud University consists of 60 course credits (European credits), divided over several courses.

Instruction modes


  • Curriculum year 1

    The first year of the Bachelor's programme will introduce you to the main aspects of the academic study of English language and culture (including literature, history, politics and linguistics) and provide you with English language proficiency training. In addition you will learn to critically read British literary texts, be familiarised with the methodologies needed to analyse literary texts in an academic context and critically approach the history of Great Brittain. 

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  • Curriculum year 2

    During the second year of the Bachelor’s programme in English Language and Culture you will deepen and broaden the knowledge acquired in the first year. Your English fluency will improve, as will your understanding of language structure, the linguistic diversity of English and its spread across the globe as a world language. At the same time, you will expand and deepen your understanding of the most important works, genres and traditions in English literature.

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  • Curriculum year 3

    In the third year, theory and practice are combined and you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills to find solutions to social issues of topical relevance. This will be done as part of a minor. We offer a variety of minors with a societal theme, varying from gender and diversity to migration and big data. Choosing one of these themes will help you add focus to your programme, making it easier to set yourself apart from others when entering the job market.

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This programme has a binding study advice

Minimum ECTS
This study programme consists of 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) per year. At the end of the first year you will need to have accumulated a minimum of 45 ECTS in order to receive a positive BSA to continue your studies in the second year. Failing to meet this minimum requirement and receiving a negative BSA means that you are no longer allowed to continue with your studies. Of course, we will consider exceptional circumstances such as illness or other personal factors. Your study advisor or mentor will regularly discuss your study results with you so that you are not faced with any surprises.

Study abroad

During your Bachelor's programme, you will have the opportunity to go abroad for your studies, internship and/or thesis. You will learn to view things from the perspective of a different culture and you will meet new people; it is an experience that will enrich your life. What’s more, it will enhance your CV. Please see the International Office web page for information about meetings, scholarships, internships and other practical information.

Additional challenge

Are you up for an extra challenge during your studies? Do you find it interesting to think about current, social themes from different academic perspectives? Discover what the Radboud Honours Academy has to offer to achieve your maximum potential during your time as a student.