Why study English Language and Culture in Nijmegen?

English (be it British or American English) is the international language of science, diplomacy and business. Furthermore, English literature takes an important place in world literature. When you study English Language and Culture at Radboud University, you dive into an extremely versatile field of study that opens up a whole world for you.


A challenging and exciting programme that brings together the study of language, culture, literature, society and history

The Bachelor's programme in English Language and Culture at Radboud University distinguishes itself from similar degree programmes by having a research-based and topical degree programme that brings together the study of language, culture, literature, society and history. The content of the programme is always exciting, up-to-date and relevant, reflecting new developments in the study of English Language and Culture.


Full immersion in English, with a strong focus on language acquisition courses throughout the programme

If you choose to study English Language and Culture at Radboud University, you will learn to speak and write English at a high professional level. The first year pays extensive attention to creating a strong basis for speaking and writing English correctly, and for understanding its linguistic structure. The attention to spoken and written English fluency continues throughout the programme. Furthermore, you will have many Dutch and international peers, giving you the opportunity to speak English in and outside the classroom. You will soon discover that you are learning not only from your lecturers but also from your peers!


A dynamic international teaching staff who are either native speakers or near-native speakers of English and who are leading scholars in the field of English Language and Culture

This study programme is taught by dedicated and inspiring lecturers and professors, who are leading scholars in the field of English Language and Culture. Lecturers incorporate current research conducted in the field of English Language and Culture in their teaching, making sure our students are up-to-date on current developments and are able to critically analyse these developments, for instance in the field of medieval literature.


The opportunity to study abroad or do an internship

Radboud University offers you the exciting opportunity to study abroad for a semester or do an internship as part of your Bachelor's programme. In the first two years of your Bachelor's programme, you will get acquainted with the culture from the outside. You will learn about Great Britain from different perspectives. During a semester abroad you are being able to sense what the culture is like from the inside. In this way, you will not only learn about British society, but will also be able to experience it yourself!


A personal approach

Radboud University is known for its personal approach to learning and education. You will experience this personal approach first hand in- and outside of the classroom. The small-scale teaching at the Faculty of Arts makes it possible for you to get frequent contact hours with your lecturers and your peers. Furthermore, you will receive guidance of both a staff mentor and a student advisor during your studies.

Additionally, as an international Bachelor's student, you will have the chance to join the so-called "Buddy programme" at the beginning of your first year, to find your way around campus and get accustomed to Dutch culture and student life. You will be matched with a senior student, who will guide you through your first semester at Radboud University. Read more about the Buddy programme.


Study at the best traditional university in the Netherlands

The renowned Dutch university information guide Keuzegids Universiteiten has awarded Radboud University top spot in the list of traditional, general universities in the Netherlands from 2010-2017 and 2019. The Keuzegids Universiteiten is published annually and is an independent guide which critically assesses the quality of Bachelor's programmes and universities. The areas assessed include the expertise of lecturers, the number of contact hours and the quality of the facilities. The Keuzegids relies largely on the assessments submitted by students in the National Student Survey.

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