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Growing internationalisation is increasing the importance of the English language in our society. English is the language of science, politics and business. In the English Language and Culture programme you will become an expert in these areas.

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  • We offer a challenging and exciting programme that brings together the study of language, culture, literature, society and history.
  • Full immersion in English, with a strong focus on language acquisition courses throughout the programme.
  • A dynamic international teaching staff who are leading scholars in the field of English Language and Culture.
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Admission requirements
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What will you learn

English Language and Culture allows you to study all aspects of the English language as it has evolved across the centuries. At the same time, you immerse yourself in the culture and literature of Great Britain and other English-language regions. You study the classics of high and popular culture - Shakespeare, Stevenson, Downton Abbey, Little Britain, and much more. To become an expert in the field of English language, linguistics and culture, you will also have to immerse yourself in the culture, social relations, habits and eccentricities of the people for whom (British) English is their native language.

English Language and Culture has two tracks: English Language and Culture and American Studies. If you are interested in American Studies, please check the American Studies programme.

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