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Ever more organisations are going global, which calls for communication advisors with a keen eye for intercultural communication and a talent for foreign languages, such as English, French, German and Spanish.

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  • Become an expert in intercultural communication & languages.
  • Learn to communicate effectively in English, French, German or Spanish.
  • Study a semester abroad to explore the culture of your chosen language.
  • Experience small-groups and interactive classrooms.
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Admission requirements

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Admission requirements
It may sound a bit cheesy, but my dream became kind of true!
Emelie Koenen
Emelie Koenen International Relations Officer Read Emelie's story
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What will you learn

As international companies operate across the globe, they are faced with various communication challenges. How do you avoid misunderstandings when communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds? What is the best way to launch an advertising campaign in a different country? You will address such questions in the Bachelor’s programme in International Business Communication. By the end of this three year degree programme, you will have also mastered a foreign languages of your choice: English, French, German or Spanish. You will improve your proficiency in practical language courses. Furthermore, you will learn about the countries in which your foreign language is spoken by working on projects that address common challenges in international business communication. For example, designing an advertising campaign in a foreign language or developing a marketing plan for a foreign start-up company.

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Future career opportunities

International Business Communication Bachelor’s graduates are prepared for careers in international contexts, such as global corporations, multinational companies, embassies and non-governmental organisations.

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