Career prospects

After your studies

International Business Communication Bachelor’s graduates are prepared for careers in international contexts, such as global corporations, multinational companies, embassies and non-governmental organisations.

Possible occupations

  • (Global) Corporate communication manager
  • Corporate communication consultant
  • Media and communication advisor
  • Marketing and communication officer
  • Copy writer

In which field do our students work?

Alumni of International Business Communication mainly work in Marketing and Communication. However, a significant share works in education or at governmental institutes.

Continuing your studies

After obtaining your Bachelor's degree you can enter the labor market. However, most students opt to continue on to a Master's degree. Obtaining a Master's degree gives you several advantages, including increasing your career opportunities. With a bachelor's degree in International Business Communication at Radboud University you can progress to:

English-taught programmes include:

Dutch-taught programmes include:


Labor market orientation: put your degree to work!

To prepare you for the job market, Radboud University offers various forms of labor market orientation, so that you can start planning your future during your studies.

For example, every faculty has a Career Service, where you can go with questions about and help with labor market orientation. They offer career advice interviews and skills training, among other things. You can also contact them if you want to gain a few months of practical experience by doing an internship.