Frederieke Wielers

Frederieke Wielers
Choose whatever interests you most and don't let other people's decisions influence you!
Frederieke Wielers
International Business Communication
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Frederieke is a Bachelor's student of International Business Communication.

Why did you choose Radboud University?

I chose Radboud University mainly for the fact that they offer the International Business Communication course with a specialization in a foreign language. I was very motivated to learn the French language, however, I was also interested in communication. This combination is only offered at Radboud University and is therefore a unique program in The Netherlands and the reason why I chose this study. When I visited the try-out day and the Open Day I really appreciated the atmosphere of the green campus and the people.

How did you experience the transition from high school to university? 

For me, the transition went quite smoothly. During the first year a mentor was assigned to us; a professor (teacher) who also taught us several courses during the first year. This was really helpful because we could ask questions whenever we wanted and she asked about our experiences at the university, but also about our mental health. This made the transition from high school to university way smoother! Also, the change may seem very big at first but you get guided through it and you are not the only one going experiencing it.

What do you like about the Bachelor's programme and why? 

In my opinion, the Bachelor's program is really great since it combines different fields such as business, linguistics, and communication. We learn to speak a foreign language fluently and it is an interdisciplinary program - which I appreciate a lot. Because I wasn't fluent in the foreign language that I chose, presenting or speaking in the beginning of the studies - when having to do it in that language - was sometimes a little harder. However, I found my interest in both linguistics and corporate communication through the studies.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class?

Because of the classes being smaller when taking the French courses, there was a lot of interaction with the professors and other students. Therefore, I have always felt comfortable to ask any questions that I had.

What are your plans once you have received your Bachelor’s degree?

Once I have received my Bachelor's degree I am planning on doing a Master's degree in Linguistics, and potentially work as a researcher in the future. However, I am very much in doubt because I am also interested in PR and like to organize events; still a big decision to make.

Are you involved with any study or student association?

I have done a board year at Integrand; a student association that aims to build the bridge between working life and student life by organizing events, trainings and mediating internships for other students. At Integrand I have fulfilled the functions of Events Manager and PR Manager. Moreover, I am a member at the study association Babylon.

What do you like about Nijmegen?

It is such a vibrant student city: there are tons of bars, restaurants and cafés. There is a beach at the river which is such a luxury during the warmer months. The atmosphere of the city is welcoming and lively!

Did you visit any information meetings at the campus before you signed up for your studies? 

Yes, I visited the Open Day and did a Student for a Day. It was very useful, especially the Student for a Day because I got to experience a day in the life of an IBC-student myself and therefore knew exactly what I was signing up for.

What would you advise students when choosing a study programme?

Choose whatever interests you most and don't let other people's decisions influence you :).