Why study International Business Communication in Nijmegen?

International Business Communication (IBC) is an English-taught Bachelor's programme about effective communication in multilingual organisations. Ever more organisations are going global, which calls for communication advisors with a keen eye for intercultural communication and a talent for foreign languages, such as English, French, German and Spanish. Becoming fluent in one of these languages and understanding the intercultural context of business communication gives our graduates a competitive edge in consultancy, communication management, communication research, training and education.

On this page, you will learn about the unique characteristics of the Bachelor’s programme in International Business Communication (IBC). Here are the top six reasons to study IBC at Radboud University:

High quality education

International Business Communication is the English-taught specialisation of the Dutch Bachelor’s programme in Communication and Information Studies (in Dutch: Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen). In addition to its high-quality education, the Bachelor's programme in International Business Communication at Radboud University distinguishes itself from similar degree programmes by providing excellent facilities and services to its students, such as a mentor programme for first year students, access to state-of-the-art research facilities, and excellent career and international support.

Become an expert in intercultural communication & languages

As organisations are opening business units and subsidiaries around the globe, the world is becoming increasingly multicultural and multilingual. Naturally, organisations need to communicate in different languages with a wide range of customers, investors, governments, employees and other stakeholders. How do organisations deal with intercultural diversity? And to what extent should they adapt their communication style to cater to the needs of audiences around the world? Radboud University’s programme in International Business Communication distinguishes itself from other communication programmes by focusing on culture and language.

Learn to communicate effectively in English, French, German or Spanish

The Bachelor’s programme in International Business Communication prepares you for a career in an international environment. Over the course of three years, you will follow intensive language courses in the language of your choice (English, French, German or Spanish). In these courses you will learn the necessary language and communication skills so you can communicate effectively in a corporate environment. In addition to becoming proficient in your foreign language (e.g. grammar, vocabulary, phonetics), you will also carry out practical communication projects that will help you to present market research, write reports and negotiate the terms of a ‘virtual’ international joint venture in a foreign language. 

Study a semester abroad to explore the culture of your chosen language

Radboud University offers you the exciting opportunity to study a semester abroad or do an internship abroad as part of your Bachelor’s programme.

Work on hands-on communication research projects

As part of our Bachelor’s programme in International Business Communication you will development research skills that prepare you for a job as a communication manager or consultant who can take on the intercultural challenges facing global organisations. You will learn to carry out cross-cultural research and analyse and compare various cultural influences on human behaviour. You can use your findings to advise organisations on their foreign language policies, online communication strategies with non-native speakers and other issues.

Experience small group, interactive classrooms

If you choose to study International Business Communication (IBC) at Radboud University, you are pursuing a career path that involves working with people on a daily basis. To prepare you for this, you will work on communication assignments in small groups, taking on a different role each time. This will prepare you for different group and work dynamics. Our inspiring and experienced lecturers create an interactive study environment in each IBC classroom. You will be asked to actively express your opinion about the current subject matter and participate in classroom discussions.  This programme attracts students from a wide range of countries, which means your learning environment is quite international as well. You will soon discover that not only do you learn from your lecturers, but also from your peers.

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