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  • American Studies

    How could the same country elect Obama and Trump? Why is American culture as creative and dynamic as it is? How can Americans be so proud of their diversity, but also conflicted about it? Sounds interesting? Then American Studies is perfect for you!

  • Art History

    The Art History programme in Nijmegen allows you to study the entire history of Western art, from antiquity to the present day. You will learn to critically examine products of human skill, inventiveness and imagination.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Are you interested in both human cognition and computing science? Would you like to unravel human intelligence and recreate it in smart computers and systems? Then our Bachelor’s programme in Artificial Intelligence is the perfect fit for you!

  • Arts and Culture Studies

    Are you passionate about culture? Are you the first to get tickets to music festivals, plays and art-house films? Are you ready to join the social and political debate on the arts? Then Arts and Culture Studies might be the programme for you.

  • Arts and Culture Studies (Dutch)

    The Bachelor's in Arts and Culture Studies focuses on the bigger picture. Works of art will be examined in the context of the time, culture and society in which they were created and explores various contemporary critical perspectives.

  • Bedrijfskunde (in Dutch)

    Business Administration could be right for you if you are interested in management and the turbulent and dynamic environment of companies and organisations. You will learn to analyse the complexity and dynamics of organisations and their environment.

  • Biology

    Do you want to know how climate change affects biodiversity? Or how to improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases? Are you fascinated by evolution, the human brain, genetics, and ecology? Then Biology is what you are looking for.

    Application deadline: 15 January.

  • Biomedical Sciences

    Healthcare is about more than just curing patients. Biomedical scientists aim to understand diseases, with a view to better treatment or prevention. You will study diseases from molecule to population. Your curiosity can help to improve healthcare.

  • Business Administration

    How do businesses ineract with their environment and stakeholders? And how do global environmental challenges affect organisational structures? Within the Business Administration programme you learn about what it takes for organisations to create social and economic value for long-term suvival of

  • Chemistry

    Everything around you is chemistry. Even you yourself are chemistry. In this Bachelor’s programme, you will get theoretical knowledge and practical skills to understand the world at a molecular level.

  • Classics

    Even though you have never come face to face with an ancient Roman or Greek, the classical world continues to remain important. This reasoning and its evidence is what you will explore in the Bachelor’s programme in Classical Languages and Cultures.

  • Communication Science

    In a world where media are everywhere and ever-present, there is a growing need for academically trained communication professionals. This much is certain: your first lecture will profoundly change your perspective on media.

  • Communication and Information Studies

    How can you communicate effectively when you are working with international companies? How do you launch an advertising campaign in different countries? These are the types of questions that you will answer in Communication and Information Studies.

  • Comparative European History

    Do you want to understand how the past has shaped the world you live in? Do you want to think critically about your place in society, in relation to Europe and beyond? Are you eager to become an engaged citizen? Choose Comparative European History.

  • Computing Science

    Information technology has changed our lives drastically. Imagine a life without smartphones, laptops or the Internet. This programme will teach you about solving social problems and making smart, user-friendly and secure digital tools.

  • Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

    In this programme you learn to look beyond borders. You learn to understand people from their perspective, and their social and cultural backgrounds. This offers you a different perspective on yourself and your own society.

  • Dentistry

    During the Bachelor’s programme in Dentistry you will study aspects that relate to the pathology, diagnostics, prevention and treatment of dental abnormalities in patients. Motor, cognitive, social and psychological aspects will also be addressed.

  • Dutch Language and Culture

    During the Bachelor’s programme in Dutch Language and Culture you will study Dutch literature from the past and from the present. You will also examine language acquisition issues, learn to analyse texts and develop good writing skills.

  • Economics and Business Economics

    Imagine understanding the complex economic dimensions of today's challenges. From environmental sustainability to inflation and beyond. The Bachelor's programme Economics and Business Economics equips you with the skills to analyse, predict and improve economic situations and choices.

  • Economie en Bedrijfseconomie (in Dutch)

    The Economie en Bedrijfseconomie (in Dutch) programme examines economic issues from different perspectives. This academic knowledge can be used in the analysis of social challenges and business problems and for the proposal of effective solutions.