Bachelor's programmes

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  • American Studies

    How could the same country elect Obama and Trump? Why is American culture as creative and dynamic as it is? How can Americans be so proud of their diversity, but also conflicted about it? Sounds interesting? Then American Studies is perfect for you!

  • Arts and Culture Studies

    Are you passionate about culture? Are you the first to get tickets to music festivals, plays and art-house films? Are you ready to join the social and political debate on the arts? Then Arts and Culture Studies might be the programme for you.

  • Business Administration

    How do businesses ineract with their environment and stakeholders? And how do global environmental challenges affect organisational structures? Within the Business Administration programme you learn about what it takes for organisations to create social and economic value for long-term suvival of

  • Comparative European History

    Do you want to understand how the past has shaped the world you live in? Do you want to think critically about your place in society, in relation to Europe and beyond? Are you eager to become an engaged citizen? Choose Comparative European History.

  • Economics and Business Economics

    Imagine understanding the complex economic dimensions of today's challenges. From environmental sustainability to inflation and beyond. The Bachelor's programme Economics and Business Economics equips you with the skills to analyse, predict and improve economic situations and choices.

  • English Language and Culture

    Growing internationalisation is increasing the importance of the English language in our society. English is the language of science, politics and business. In the English Language and Culture programme you will become an expert in these areas.

  • International Business Communication

    Ever more organisations are going global, which calls for communication advisors with a keen eye for intercultural communication and a talent for foreign languages, such as English, French, German and Spanish.

  • Psychology

    How do we choose our friends and partners? Why is it so hard to resist temptation? Do violent video games cause aggression? What motivates us to study? If these questions intrigue you, then Psychology is the course for you!