Study programme bachelor Psychology year 1

Study year

The beginning of the first year offers you an overview of psychology as a whole. After that, you will take an introductory theoretical course into each domain. You will also practice the skills necessary for your work as a future psychologist.

About this study curriculum

Academic and professional skills

The academic and professional track starts off with two courses. ‘Professional Skills for Psychologists’ is devoted to knowledge and skills concerning the processes of diagnosis to intervention in professional fields, such as clinical psychology, neurorevalidation, education, and work and organisation psychology. In ‘Academic Skills’  you will gain experience in searching for scientific literature, analysing texts, and academic writing.

Research skills

Research skills are taught in the courses ‘Research Methods’, ‘Statistics 1’ and ‘Research Project 1’. This involves the formulation of interesting and feasible research questions, designing suitable research methods, and the accurate analysis, interpretation, and presentation of research data. Current students have written articles on questions such as:

  • Why do we enjoy watching scary movies?
  • Do the colours and materials in a building determine your mood?
  • Does ethnic origin play a role in a lecturers’ authority?
  • To what extent can musicality be learned?
  • Does smoking influence sleeping patterns?
Total EC
60 EC