Study programme bachelor Psychology year 2

Study year

Year 2 focuses on the application of psychological knowledge. You become acquainted with Neuropsychology. Within 'Psychopathology from a life-span perspective' you learn to recognise mental disorders. In 'Behaviour & Environment 2', you will learn how psychological knowledge contributes to better working conditions and motivation in the workplace.

About this study curriculum


Your research skills are further practiced in ‘Data Analysis’, ‘Statistics 2’, and ‘Psychometrics’. You will carry out a second study in a small group, in which you will be asked to build on your core theme. ‘Theoretical’ Psychology’, you will think about how Psychology has evolved over time. In ‘Philosophy of Mind, Brain and Behaviour’, you will discover how different visions of people collide with each other in psychological debates, and thus lead to progress in science.

Total EC
59.5 EC

Personal route and core theme courses

In the second year, you can combine the core theme courses and the domain electives. With a targeted choice you can start developing your own profile as a future psychologist. Examples of this are:

  • Labor and organisation
  • Labor and health
  • Influence, language, and communication
  • Development, learning, and education
  • Happiness, health, and good life
  • Gender, behaviour and culture
  • Mental healtcare
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Sport and exercise sciences

Combination of routes are also a possibility.

In the second year, you’ll decide on two core themes in which you’ll analyse a theme from a biological, psychological, and social point of view.

Specialisations within this curriculum