Antonia Reinke

Student Psychology
I have decided to study in the Netherlands since I was really impressed by the approach of teaching here.
Antonia Reinke
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Antonia is an alumnus of the Bachelor's programme in Psychology.

Why did you choose Radboud University?

''I have decided to study in the Netherlands since I was really impressed by the approach of teaching here. I especially liked the personal atmosphere, which was among others reflected in the seminar groups, as you come together with only a small group of students. This also provides you with plenty of opportunities to meet other students. Furthermore, I also really appreciate that every single student is given a considerable amount of attention. For instance, you are always given the option to talk to a study advisor, in case needed. Also, it is nice to mention that Radboud University is surrounded by a green forest, which makes studying a lot easier, as you can always have a nice break or even have a small walk between your study sessions.''

How did you experience the transition from high school to university? How did the university/programme assist you with this transition?

''Because of the many offers at the University, such as the Open Days, or Experience Days, in which you can become a student for a single day, to get a first impression of the student life, I felt that I was very well assisted during the transition. Since I was able to talk to many students before accepting my offer, a lot of my questions were clarified and helped me to make the right decision. It can be really challenging to be facing such a big transition, but I’m glad the university made the process a lot smoother.''

What do you like about the Bachelor's programme and why?

''Overall, I really like my Bachelor programme as I have the chance to pursue topics that I personally find interesting. In contrast to my old high school, I have a lot more freedom in how I study and how I design my day. At first, this can be a big change, as someone might not be used to having such an amount of responsibility.''

What do you think about the atmosphere in class?

''Teaching is fundamentally different compared to my old school, as a consequence, the interaction between students and teachers is different as well. I really like that you meet your teachers on a much more personal level at the university. Every student is taken seriously and the focus is clearly on individuality.''

What are your plans once you have received your Bachelor’s degree?

''For now, I’m not entirely sure what I want to do after my Bachelor’s degree. Although, I know that the university is offering a lot of interesting master programmes. However, there is also the option of switching to another Dutch university!''

Are you involved with the study association of your programme?

''Yes, I’m personally a member of the psychology study association SPIN. The association organises very fun activities and events regularly to meet new people at the university.''

What do you like about Nijmegen?

''I particularly like the city because it is the perfect size for a student. It’s small enough to not get overwhelmed, but at the same time big enough to enjoy the advantages of living in a city. There are numerous cute cafes and restaurants where you can spend your free time with friends, no matter the weather. As Nijmegen is located directly next to Waal, it is perfect for beautiful walks or for long beach evenings.''

Did you visit any information meetings at the campus before you signed up for your studies? Did you find them useful and why?

''I stumbled upon the university through the internet and experienced the communication as very positive. The most important information was very easy to find on the website. In case I still had questions, it was very easy to get in touch with students or with staff from the respective faculty. All my questions have been more than adequately answered, and I never had an issue asking for help.''

What would you advise students when choosing a study programme?

''I think it is quite important that you have visited the University before, to get a clear picture of the environment in which you will spend a considerable amount of time for the next few years. I would recommend to not only assess the university, but also the city. Could you picture living here? Additionally, it is of course also important what subject you want to study, and whether this subject is offered by the university. At the same time, I would evaluate whether the course is aligned with your expectations in terms of content.''