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Study choice

Are you interested in pursuing a Bachelor's degree? Choosing the right programme is not easy. From deciding which type of education and study suits you best, to what options there are, and where to start, we are happy to help you on your way.

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Where to start?

When you really don't know where to start, start by researching your options. See which routes you can take and make sure to take a number of interest or study choice tests. Once you've sorted that out, you can dive deeper into the courses, or maybe even take a gap year. Discover all the steps.

Steps to choosing a study

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University of applied sciences vs. university

There are two types of bachelor's degrees that you can follow, namely a higher professional education bachelor's degree and a university bachelor's degree. Which type of education is right for you? To answer this question take a closer look at the differences.

The differences

The study compatibility check: which programme is right for me?

We think it is important that you make the right choice of study. That is why you will receive an invitation for the study choice check when you register for almost all our bachelor's programmes. We will determine together whether the programme is right for you.

More info

The transition from high-school to university

University education is different than what you are used to in high-school. But you will also have to deal with changes in your private life. You will make new friends, maybe move out of your parents' house or join a student association. It is a fun and exciting, but also a challenging one.

What to expect


Our Study Information student team will answer all your general questions and questions about events and activities. 

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