Study choice tool

Making a study choice requires you to compare a lot of information about the programmes that seem interesting to you. Making an overview chart, like the example below, can help in the process. You can use this chart if you are unsure between a small number of programmes.


  1. 1. List the programmes horizontally

    Above the columns, put the names of the programme you are still unsure about. We have chosen three programme at random here: Psychology, Geneeskunde (Medicine) and Rechtsgeleerdheid (Law).

    Illustratie stap 1 overzichtsschema studiekeuze maken
  2. 2. List your own criteria vertically

    What do you want a particular programme to offer you? You can specify all kinds of criteria here. This step is all about what you find important. Here, we have chosen a number of criteria that are often mentioned: the content of the courses, the atmosphere at the programme, the form of education and the job market perspective.

    Illustratie stap 2 overzichtsschema studiekeuze maken
  3. 3. Rate the programmes for all criteria

    You are now going to grade the programmes on all the criteria. In this step, make sure you have all the information you need to give a grade. For example, if you don't know exactly what courses you will get in Law, it is a good idea to inquire about that.

    Illustratie stap 3 overzichtsschema studiekeuze maken
  4. 4. Give the criteria a weighting

    Some criteria are more important than others. In this example, the job market perspective has weighting factor 1 and the form of education has weighting factor 3. In this step, it is important to think carefully about what you find most important in a programme.

    Illustratie stap 4 overzichtsschema studiekeuze maken
  5. 5. And do the math...

    Multiply the weighting factors piece by piece by the numbers. This gives you the numbers shown in the red boxes. For each programme, you then add up all these numbers and see which programme gets the highest score. In the case of our random student, this is Medicine.

    Illustratie stap 5 overzichtsschema studiekeuze maken

We do not recommend that you immediately choose the programme that scores best on the schedule. The chart, like a study test, is only a tool. It can help you on your way, but it is not the only thing you should base your choice on. Check afterwards whether the outcome of the schedule matches your expectations and your hunch about the programme.