Professionals tijdens netwerkborrel
Professionals tijdens netwerkborrel

Education for professionals

Do you want to delve deeper into your field? And enhance your knowledge and skills? Then take a look at the courses, training sessions and education programmes that we offer in a range of fields, varying in form, duration and price.

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Language and communication

Are you looking for a language course? Our Language Centre offers courses in 18 languages. They are also the one-stop shop for communication training, educational programmes, translation and editing work, coaching and advice on communication and language.

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Behavioural and social sciences

Through our training centre in the Social Sciences department, we offer blended vocational (BIG) programmes and further training for national and international professionals in the healthcare, education and social sectors

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For practising lawyers, our training centre in the Law department provides education, webinars and symposiums. Our lecturers encourage participants to ask meaningful questions that strike at the heart of current legal issues. This generates new insights and fresh perspectives.

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Would you like to develop your knowledge of organisations and organisational change from a broad mindset and societal awareness? Our training centre in the Management department offers training for professionals based on leading insights from management science.

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Our training centre at Radboudumc is open to a variety of professionals, ranging from doctors and researchers to paramedics and nurses. Here, you can find an extensive range of training aimed at anyone working in healthcare.
Our research centre at Radboudumc offers further training in the fields of healthcare research, ethics and the affordability and quality of care.
Our training centre in the Dentistry department offers further training for dentists, orthodontists, dental surgeons, dental hygienists and dental assistants.

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Education sector

Do you want to keep developing as a teacher or head teacher? At our teacher training centre, you will be trained to become an academic, creative and entrepreneurial teacher through workshops, masterclasses and tailor-made programmes.

Our Pre-University College organises substantive further training for teachers in secondary education and develops teaching materials, study days and seminars based on scientific insights to improve the link between secondary education and higher education.

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Are you already committed to a sustainable and resilient future? We can give you the tools to contribute towards the sustainability transition. Join one of our programmes and contribute meaningfully! 

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Diversity and inclusion

Applying insights on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) is crucial in our diverse society. Learn how to approach this topic, in the workplace and beyond. 

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Combining disciplines

Our overarching lifelong learning training centre is the connecting link between various areas of interest. Together with distinguished experts and researchers in the field, we develop custom training programmes from a variety of disciplines. 

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What else we offer

As a national expertise centre, our training centre offers mindfulness programmes for patients and the general public. In addition, we also offer postgraduate courses to become a mindfulness trainer. Furthermore, we also provide training at our knowledge centre on rhetoric and persuasion and our research centre on mysticism and spirituality.