Microcredentials and edubadges

As a professional, do you want to be able to provide reliable evidence of the knowledge and skills you have acquired? Microcredentials, digital proof of the learning outcome achieved, are being recognised for more and more courses and training programmes. With edubadges, the visual digital certificates used to award microcredentials, you can then clearly show what concrete knowledge you have gained or specific skills you have mastered.

Why is this of interest to professionals?

With microcredentials, you can continue to develop flexibly, without the need for protracted training. That is because a microcredential is recognised as proof of the knowledge and skills you have acquired during a short learning programme, making it a valuable supplement to your traditional qualification. You receive a microcredential in the form of an edubadge. You collect all the edubadges in the edubadges backpack, which you can share with employers or other educational institutions. This can make it easier to transfer from one job to another and to switch between courses. 

How does this benefit employers?

A microcredential is a seal of quality that provides insight and assurance regarding the learning objectives achieved by professionals. Employers and educational institutions can verify the microcredentials and edubadges and trust that the professional has actually acquired the knowledge or skills. What is more, they can rest assured that the education received is of a high level and meets European quality standards. 

How do you receive an edubadge?

  • You receive a microcredential in the form of an edubadge by successfully completing a course, training programme or other learning activity to which a badge is attached.  
  • Once you have met all the criteria and achieved the learning outcome, you will receive an email to claim your edubadge.  
  • Visit https://eduid.nl/en/ and request a new eduID using your private email address.  
  • Go to My eduID and link your eduID account to the IDP (Identity Provider): edubadges Name Validation. 
  • Do you work for a Dutch knowledge institution, and do you have an institution account? If so, link your eduID to your institution.  
  • Activate your backpack at https://edubadges.nl/ by choosing ‘Open your backpack’ and logging in with your eduID.  
  • Finally, you can share the badge you have earned on your CV or on online platforms like LinkedIn to demonstrate your achievements to others. 

View this manual for a more detailed explanation.

Microcredentials and edubadges

Quality assured

A microcredential allows you to take a course or training programme at a public educational institution such as Radboud University that is smaller than a diploma-based educational pathway, but where the learning outcomes are still tested and recognised. Microcredentials can vary in length and intensity, but they are mainly intended for short-term education (less than six months), with the study load per course ranging from 84 to 840 hours. The learning outcomes are demonstrated by, for example, an exam, presentation or report. They comply with national agreements that have been coordinated with other educational institutions in the Netherlands. This way, they are nationally registered, traceable and verifiable.