An introduction to the theory and practice of Personal Science
An introduction to the theory and practice of Personal Science

An introduction to the theory and practice of Personal Science (RSS00.08) - Closed

Explore Personal Science this summer! Join our course to discover the fascinating intersection of self-observation and data analysis. Learn practical skills to track and understand your own health, habits, and productivity. A journey not just about learning, but about applying science to your everyday life. Embark on a unique adventure to answer personal questions using scientific methods to gain self-knowledge.

Duration: one-week.
Educational method: Online




    This course is closed, registration is no longer possible. 

    Embark on a journey of discovery this summer with our unique course, 'An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Personal Science.' This program offers a deep dive into the captivating world of self-observation, where the principles of scientific inquiry meet the nuances of personal data.

    Over the span of this course, you'll learn how to effectively gather and analyze data about yourself, turning everyday activities into opportunities for self-improvement and insight. We'll explore a range of topics from health and fitness to productivity and mental well-being, teaching you how to set up experiments, track progress, and make informed decisions based on your findings.

    Our curriculum is designed not just to impart knowledge, but to cultivate skills that will enable you to apply empirical methods to your personal life. You'll learn how to formulate hypotheses about your habits, test these through structured experiments, and interpret the results to make positive changes.

    This course is perfect if your are curious about the intersection of science and self-improvement. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply someone interested in understanding and optimizing your personal habits, there's something here for you. Our interactive sessions, led by experts in the field, will provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring you leave with a toolbox of techniques to continue your personal science journey.

    Join us this summer for an enlightening experience that promises to transform the way you view yourself and your daily life. Are you ready to become an explorer in the realm of your own existence?

    Watch what our participants say about their experience!

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    01 July 2024, 9 am
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    01 July 2024, 9 am - 05 July 2024, 5 pm
    Martijn de Groot, Ph.D.
    Sara Riggare, Ph.D.
    Thomas Blomseth Christiansen, M.Sc.
    Jakob Eg Larsen, Ph.D.
    Gary Wolf
    Steven Jonas
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    This is an online course, which means that unfortunately the social activities of the Radboud Summer School do not apply to this course. In addition, the program will also differ from the weekly schedule published on the website. 2 weeks before the course starts you will be added to our online platform Brightspace, where the new times will be communicated.

    Martijn de Groot

    Martijn de Groot, PhD

    Manager Health Innovation Labs
    Radboud University Medical Center

    Martijn de Groot is managing director of Radboudumc Health Innovation Labs. He has a background in medical biology (MSc), teaching (Med) and medical science (PhD), and worked as researcher, teacher and innovator for a couple of large higher education institutes and academic hospitals in the Netherlands. He served as co-founding director of the Quantified Self Institute from 2012- 2017 and became head of the REshape & Innovation Center in 2018, which is currently known as Radboudumc Health Innovation Labs. As a long-term leading member of the Quantified Self community, he continues working on co-creating and teaching methods and tools for self-tracking and personal science.

    Thomas Blomseth

    Thomas Blomseth Christiansen (MSc in internet technology) 

    Thomas Blomseth Christiansen is a highly regarded self-tracker, known for his extensive experience and influence within the Quantified Self community. With a focus on personal discovery, he has gained recognition by meticulously tracking his every sneeze, successfully overcoming allergies through long-term lifestyle experiments. As a co-founder of TOTTI Labs, he is currently developing cutting-edge self-tracking technology and contributing to published research in the field.

    Gary Wolf

    Gary Wolf

    Gary Wolf is a journalist, author, researcher, and the founder of Quantified Self. Previously, he was the executive editor of Wired Digital, a contributing editor at Wired magazine, a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University, and a visiting professor at the School of Communication, Media and Information Technology at Hanze Technical University in The Netherlands.

    Sara Riggare

    Sara Riggare (MSc, PhD)

    Sara Riggare s a researcher and educator at Uppsala University in Sweden and a long-standing contributor in the Quantified Self movement. She earned her PhD at Radboud University in 2022 with a thesis focused on personal science and patient-driven health management. Sara combines her engineering background and personal experience of living with Parkinson’s disease to empower individuals in managing their health. Her expertise makes her an invaluable teacher for this summer course, inspiring students to explore the potential of data-driven health insights.

    Steven Jonas

    Steven Jonas 

    Steven Jonas is a data science professional currently on contract at Nike as a Data Visualization Engineer. He was a key figure in organizing Quantified Self conferences in the US and Europe from 2013 to 2018, refining the Show & Tell talk as a format for telling personal data stories. Steven is an avid self-experimenter and has given talks at Quantified Self events on memory and stress.

    Jakob Eg Larsen (MSc, PhD)

    Jakob Eg Larsen (MSc, PhD)

    Jakob Eg Larsen is Associate Professor in Cognitive Systems at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), where he heads the Mobile Informatics and Personal Data Laboratory (MILAB). His research interests include personal science and involve methods and instruments to support humans in getting value from personal data. As a co-founder of TOTTI Labs he is developing novel self-tracking instruments and technologies and he is also a long-term member of the Quantified Self community.

    This course is closed, registration is no longer possible. 



    • Regular: €495 (application deadline 1st of May)

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    • Advance Bachelor
    • Bachelor
    • Master
    • PhD
    • Postdoc
    • Professional

    Admission requirements: This course is designed to help students, patients, and allied health professions get more out of their self-tracking practice. The coursework involves developing a personal science project and applying the methods taught. A minimum of three days self-collected data will be used to create the final project, so a willingness to engage in empirical self-research is required.

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