Sex and Gender
Sex and Gender

INSIGHTS: Integrating Sex and Gender in Health Sciences. (RSS3.08) - Confirmed

Discover the pivotal role of sex and gender in healthcare through our INSIGHTS course. This program combines expert knowledge and hands-on learning to foster a comprehensive understanding, essential for today's healthcare professionals.

Duration: one week.



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    This innovative course aims to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills for more inclusive, effective, and contextual care, addressing crucial aspects of sex and gender in healthcare.

    In the dynamic field of healthcare, the nuanced understanding of the impact of sex and gender on health and care is becoming increasingly critical. INSIGHTS is a comprehensive course designed to deepen your understanding of these crucial factors and their influence on healthcare practices.

    Drawing upon recent research and practical insights, this course emphasizes the significant consequences of overlooking sex and gender in health. It explores the wide-ranging effects on patient access to healthcare, treatment efficacy, and overall population health.

    Key areas of learning include

    • Conceptual clarity: Understanding sex as a biological variable and gender as a socio-cultural factor in health and medicine.
    • Impact analysis: analyze how sex and gender affect patient care and health care practices.
    • Interdisciplinary Insights: Apply these perspectives in your own research, clinical practice and public health.
    • Practical application: Hands-on activities using human centered design thinking and individualized learning experiences.
    • Expert knowledge: Learning from international experts and access to practical tools for everyday work.

    Course objectives focus on understanding and integrating sex and gender in healthcare practices and health research, applying analytical skills to real-world problems, and fostering critical reflection among healthcare professionals.

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    01 July 2024, 9 am
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    01 July 2024, 9 am - 05 July 2024, 5 pm
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    Radboud Summer School

    Startdate: 1 July 2024 - 5 July 2024
    ECTS credits: 2 ECTS. For more information see credits and certificate.

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    Behaviour, Psychologie and Sociology

    Behaviour, Psychologie and Sociology
    Irene Gottgens

    Irene Göttgens

    Irene Göttgens (PhD, MScHS) is a postdoctoral researcher in sex and gender-sensitive medicine at the Department of Primary and Community Care at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen. 

    Her doctoral research focused on the operationalization of gender in Parkinson's disease research. She continues her research on the methodological development of sex and gender analysis in different medical specialties with the aim of advancing intersectionality and gender theory in medicine. This approach recognizes and addresses the complex and interrelated biopsychosocial factors that can influence the health outcomes of different groups of people, using sex and gender as a starting point.

    INSIGHTS: Integrating Sex and Gender in Health Sciences

    Sabine Oertelt-Prigione

    Sabine Oertelt-Prigione (MD, PhD, MScPH) is a physician, researcher, organizational consultant and coach. She is professor of gender in primary and transmural care at Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen in the Netherlands and professor of sex and gender sensitive medicine at Bielefeld University in Germany. 

    Oertelt has focused on various aspects of sex and gender differences in health, ranging from sex differences in autoimmunity to sex differences in cardiovascular disease and sexual harassment in academia. Her current focus is the implementation of gender and gender-sensitive research through practice analysis, method development and stakeholder engagement. In addition to her academic activities, she was a member of the EU Commission's "Gendered Innovations" and "Gender and COVID-19" expert groups and advises national governments and funding agencies on the implementation of sex- and gender- sensitive health care and the prevention of gender discrimination and harassment.

    The application deadline has passed, applying is no longer possible



    • Regular: €500 (application deadline 15th of May)

    Includes: your course, coffee and tea during breaks, a warm lunch every day, Official Opening, Official Closing (with some drinks and snacks). 

    Excludes: transport, accommodation, social events and other costs.  

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    Level of the participant: 

    • Master
    • PhD
    • Postdoc
    • Professional

    Admission requirements: Our INSIGHTS course welcomes professionals and students working in the health sector, in areas such as health and medical practice, policy, advocacy or research. Suitable candidates should have at least a master's degree or equivalent and practical experience in their field. 
    We value open-mindedness and a willingness to embrace different cultural and personal perspectives and contribute your own expertise. Because it is a hands-on program, active participation in individual and group exercises is crucial to enrich your learning experience and benefit from this dynamic summer school.

    Admission documents: 

    • Motivation letter
    • CV

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