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Introduction to Survey Methodology and Public Opinion Research (RSS00.03) - Confirmed

Survey research is at the core of all social sciences studying people and wishing to generalize to broader populations. In today’s world, this is increasingly difficult. Become an expert in survey methodology and achieve a holistic overview of what the survey process entails. This one-week online course makes you a critical evaluator of surveys while also providing tools to produce high-quality public opinion research.




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    Today, it is increasingly difficult but also very important to get an unbiased, representative view of what people are thinking. Certain communities express their opinion loudly, while others claim legitimacy representing a silent majority. In this online course, you explore the difficulties of getting an unbiased view of society through large sample surveys. 

    The course consists of pre-recorded lectures and conversations with leading survey methodology experts. It is important that you always watch these before the meeting, where you will discuss the videos and each others’ projects. 

    At the end of the workshop, you will have a holistic understanding of the survey process and will be ready to embark on your own data collection or critically evaluate others’ survey studies.


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    10 June 2024, 9 am
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    10 June 2024, 9 am - 14 June 2024, 5 pm
    Levente Littvay
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    Radboud Summer School

    The planning of the week will look like:

    • Day one 
      You will start with the big picture, thinking about sources of errors in surveys, and then move to discussions of sampling and survey nonresponse. 
    • Day two 
      You will turn to the issue of survey mode with a more extensive discussion of online surveys, and survey experiments, as they are very popular in social science research. 
    • Day three
      You will learn about writing good survey questions and questionnaire design. 
    • Day four
      You will look at the pre-testing and evaluation of surveys. Were you will specifically discuss cognitive interviews, and then turn to issues of data collection. 
    • Day five 
      You will acquire knowledge about survey ethics, cross-cultural surveys, and explore surveys of difficult-to-study populations in addition to other topics that may have emerged. 

    Online Course

    This is an online course, which means that unfortunately the social activities of the Radboud Summer School do not apply to this course. In addition, the program will also differ from the weekly schedule published on the website. 

    Two weeks before the course starts you will be added to our online learning environment Brightspace, where the new times will be communicated.

    Levente Littvay

    Levente Littvay

    Levente Littvay is a Research Professor at HUN-REN Centre for Social Sciences and Senior Research Fellow at the Democracy Institute of Central European University, where he also was (Full) Professor of Political Science (2007-2023) and taught graduate courses in research design, applied statistics, electoral politics, voting behavior, political psychology, and American politics and was the inaugural and only two-time recipient of the university's Teaching Award (2015 for methods-, and 2021 for online teaching). 

    He received his MA and PhD in Political Science and an MS in Survey Research and Methodology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Taught numerous research methods workshops globally, such as at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, Bamberg University in Germany, and the University of Geneve in Switzerland among others. He is the founder and Academic Coordinator of MethodsNET, a Presidium member of the Hungarian Political Science Association, and head of Team Survey in Team Populism. He was a member of the European Social Survey’s Round 10 (2020-21) democracy and COVID-19 module questionnaire design teams and Co-Principal Investigator for the Comparative Study of Election Systems for Hungary and Tunisia. 

    His awards include the European University Institute’s Fernand Braudel Senior Research Fellowship (2019-20), the 2022 Giovanni Sartori Prize for best paper in the Italian Political Science Review / Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica, and the Morton Deutsch Award for the best 2017 article in Social Justice Research. His books include Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling with Bruno Castanho Silva and Constantin Manuel Bosancianu in SAGE’s QASS (little green book) series, which was also published in Mandarin Chinese.

    The application deadline has passed, applying is no longer possible



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    • Student & PhD's: €466 (application deadline 13th of May)

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