Primary schools

Introduce research from Radboud University into your lesson plan at a primary school. Check out our materials, tips on how to organise activities at your school, and our post-academic courses in inquiry-based learning.


Science Education Hub

Radboud University's Science Education Hub organises science education events and activities for primary school students and teachers. Central to these is an inquisitive attitude among primary school pupils.

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Foto Alle Scholen Verzamelen! 2022


Looking for lesson plans for primary schools? We offer various materials and resources to introduce children to science at an early age.

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Researcher in the classroom

Primary school pupils and researchers certainly have one thing in common: curiosity! Who better to learn about research from than the researcher herself? During 'Researcher in the classroom', children, together with a researcher, explore the research theme of this researcher in a fun, interactive way.

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Do you want to know more about the Science Education Hub Radboud University? Would you be interested to collaborate with us on an international (research) project? Read more about how we can help you. 

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Participate in research

* Mandatory field

Scientists regularly approach the Science Education Hub when they are looking for schools that want to participate in a research study. From this selection, we choose research requests that will also benefit schools, for example, because the researcher’s study includes a particular research element for the pupils. We then share these requests with those schools that have expressed an interest in these elements.

If you are interested in participating in a study with your school or class, please complete the application.