Researcher classroom visits

If you could name one thing that primary school pupils and researchers have in common it would have to be curiosity! And when it comes to researchers talking about the scientific theme of their own work, no one is better qualified to do this than the researchers themselves. The ‘Researcher Classroom Visits’ programme allows researchers to visit primary schools so that they can interactively explore their research theme with the pupils.


Before the visit, we will provide you with teaching materials so that you can prepare with your pupils. On the actual afternoon of the visit, an enthusiastic researcher will come and tell the pupils all about their research. This researcher will have already completed a training programme at the Science Education Hub and will be well prepared to provide the pupils with an interesting afternoon. Together with the pupils, the researcher will prepare a small research study that you can carry out with your pupils. The researcher’s visit will take place in the spring (in the April-June period).

How will the pupils benefit from the visit?

  • They will get to meet a researcher
  • They will gain insight into what a researcher’s profession entails
  • They will acquire substantive knowledge about the researcher’s research topic
  • They will learn about research, the university and enquiry-based learning

English as the language of instruction

It is also possible to request a researcher who will come and talk to the pupils in English, for example, by requesting a visit from a non-Dutch-speaking researcher. You can indicate on the application form if you are interested in this option.


Visits to an upper primary school class can either take place annually or be planned as a one-off visit (eligible groups include groups 6 to 8 or a combined group 5/6 or higher). Any schools that are located no further than 45 minutes away from Radboud University’s campus in Nijmegen are eligible to take part in the programme.

Interest in researcher classroom visits

If you would like to have a researcher come and visit your class in the spring of 2024, keep an eye on our newsletter for announcements about when registration is open. 

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Scientists regularly approach the Science Education Hub to ask if we know any schools that would like to participate in scientific research. WKRU is willing to cooperate, but only if there is something in return for the school. This could be, for instance, that the research includes an investigative element for pupils, or that the researchers want to give an interesting lecture on their research for teachers/parents/pupils.