Teaching materials

Stimulating inquiry-based learning in primary school classrooms is very important to us. That's why the Science Education Hub has developed various teaching materials, videos and other resources for primary education. We've made these as accessible as possible for anyone who wants to bring science and inquiry into the classroom.

Elementary school classroom: enthusiastic teacher with tablet computer explains to brilliant young children how wind turbines work.

Are you looking for practical teaching materials that you can use immediately in the classroom or are you looking for theoretical support to stimulate development around inquiry-based learning? We have a variety of materials available for you.

Practice-oriented teaching material

Lesson booklet to stimulate curiosity

The booklet "7x curious" contains seven short activities that teachers can use to make students curious. These activities are applicable to a variety of themes, including inquiry-based learning projects.

Book series about research activities

Need inspiration to bring science and inquiry-based learning into your classroom? This book series provides tools to guide students through inquiry-based learning. Download the translated chapters or order a (Dutch) hardcopy.

Computers that search

This Radboud Science Teams project involves of a number of activities that simulate internet search engines and recommendation systems, which subsequently gives pupils insight into how these work.

Conscientious language

This Radboud Science Teams project focuses on the role that language and accents play in moral decision-making. Pupils will learn about accents and moral dilemmas and conduct their own research into this topic.

Communicating through smell

In this Radboud Science Teams project, pupils will explore different aspects of scent by smelling, collecting, comparing and blending scents. This will subsequently teach them about the social effects of smell.

Theory-based teaching materials

Research skills curriculum primary and secondary education

Together with primary and secondary school teachers, we have developed a Research skills curriculum. The curriculum is only available in Dutch.

Guide to inquiry-based learning

The Guide to inquiry-based learning describes step by step how to conduct an inquiry-based learning project in the classroom. Download a free digital copy.

Videomodules 'Goeie vraag!'

In de videomodules van ‘Goeie vraag!’ laten we zien hoe je wetenschap de klas in brengt via de didactiek van onderzoekend leren. In de modules komen wetenschappers aan het woord over hoe zij onderzoek doen, zie je hoe een project onderzoekend leren eruit kan zien in de klas, en vertellen verschillende leraren over hun ervaringen met onderzoekend leren. Bij elke module staan links met aanvullend materiaal of artikelen waarmee je je kennis kunt verdiepen.

Videomodules Onderzoekend Leren