Radboud Science Teams

Each year three Radboud Science Teams work on a project that will inspire primary school pupils to carry out their own research. Would you like to take part in one of these projects in the spring of 2024 with your school’s upper primary class?

The Radboud Science Teams, which are made up of top researchers and teachers, are collaborating on a project for primary education. The project themes are based on research that was carried out by the winners of the Radboud Science Awards. The aim of the project is to organise activities that inspire pupils to formulate their own research questions and then examine them.

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Taking part with your class

Teachers who take part in the Radboud Science Teams will be given the unique opportunity of working together with top researchers from Radboud University, with whom they will develop teaching materials for primary education. Within the Radboud Science Team, you will develop activities within a theme that raises questions and challenges pupils to carry out their own research. These activities will be carried out by you and your colleagues in the classroom. You will experience just how enthusiastic and curious the pupils are when they are allowed to work on a topic that is completely new to them. 


Schools that are located no further than 45 minutes away from Nijmegen are eligible to take part. Each project has a limited number of places. Once you have filled in the interest form, we will contact you. Participation is free of charge.

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Radboud Science Teams’ members

Radboud Science Teams are comprised of the Radboud Science Award winner(s), one or two other researchers and two or three upper primary education teachers. The Science Education Hub serves as project leader and guides the teams in the development of activities and ensures that they provide a sound basis for enquiry-based learning.

Classroom projects for 2023 – 2024

Computers that search

This Radboud Science Teams project involves of a number of activities that simulate internet search engines and recommendation systems, which subsequently gives pupils insight into how these work.

Conscientious language

This Radboud Science Teams project focuses on the role that language and accents play in moral decision-making. Pupils will learn about accents and moral dilemmas and conduct their own research into this topic.

Communicating through smell

In this Radboud Science Teams project, pupils will explore different aspects of scent by smelling, collecting, comparing and blending scents. This will subsequently teach them about the social effects of smell.

Kennismaken met de projecten

Bij de uitreiking van de Radboud Science Awards geven de drie winnaars ieder een korte kinderlezing over hun onderzoek. De uitreiking is in de Aula van de Radboud Universiteit, op woensdag 22 november 2023, 10u. Aanmelden is niet nodig.

2023 Radboud Science Awards Ceremony