Cees Vink

Portrait Cees Vink
It is a challenging year but in the end it will certainly be worth it.
Cees Vink
Accounting and Control
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Pre-master Accounting & Control and hbo Utrecht University

Cees Vink is a former Master's student Account & Control.

‘What I learned during my Master’s specialisation is to look critical to cases or theories and making sure you are analysing different perspectives.

The most challenging was the amount of reading we had to do before every class. Another obstacle for me was statistics and mathematics. My previous studies, HBO and then my pre-master, barely covered both and therefore I had a lot of catching up to do.

During my Master’s specialisation, I started my own staffing agency. We help people with the next step in their careers. On a daily bases I have meetings with executives of organisations to discuss their business and whether we can add value to their organisations.

There are a lot of responsibilities as an entrepreneur. Regularly, it gives me flashbacks to study material. Studies I had to read about performance indicators and how to communicate them with my own employees but also studies during accounting when I am looking at my cash flow or when clients are not paying on time.

My tip for prospective students is to do your readings on time and make sure you don't quit your Master’s! It is a tough year but in the end, it will certainly be worth it. But most of all enjoy Nijmegen, it is a beautiful and fun city.’