Eamon Kennedy

Eamon Kennedy
The atmosphere in class is very open due to the small class size.
Eamon Kennedy
Accounting and Control
Country of previous education
Ireland and Germany
Study start date
Previous education
Global Business, Dublin City University and International Management, ESB Business School, Reutlingen University

Eamon Kennedy is a Master's student Accounting and Control.

'I do enjoy my current specialisation. The modules are mainly focused around academic papers and the lectures are based on discussing / debating these papers and the topics among the students and the lecturer. This is something which I did not experience during my previous studies.

The atmosphere in class is very open due to the small class size. The lecturers are extremely friendly and passionate about the subjects they teach and they love all questions from the students in order to have an interesting debate about the various topics in class.

The Master's programme helps you to develop your own critical opinion on the different topics and for you to think independently while also enhancing your analytical skills. This skill takes time to develop but it will greatly help you not only for your studies but also in whatever career you go into after your education. It is also a lot of independent study which is quite different from a Bachelor's programme.

I think it is important that there a people with such a degree, it will allow you to be able to think and to be able to critically analyze different topics on your own and to be able to give your own independent opinion on different issues, regardless of what field you go into upon graduation. After graduating I hope to continue living abroad.'