Why study Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds in Nijmegen?

The Mediterranean was the beating heart of the ancient world, the Byzantine Empire and the medieval West. It was the backbone of some of the most powerful empires in history and, as such, played a strategic role in the development and spread of different cultures across three continents. Empires and republics, commonwealths and city-states, popes and kings, caliphates and crusaders: they all flourished around its shores and competed for its resources. The histories of the greatest cities, seats of political power and cultural centres in this region – be it Rome, Constantinople, Cairo, Damascus, or Córdoba – were made by their access to the Mediterranean, as they jostled for supremacy in a rapidly changing world.

  • Our focus on the entire Mediterranean across the ancient and medieval periods is unique as the specialisation captures Byzantine and Islamic history as well as Western European developments.
  • Beside intrinsic knowledge of the historical processes involved, you will also learn important skills such as being able to select, analyse and interpret pertinent historical information, and present this to various academic and non-academic audiences.
  • Our staff has a wide network that include contacts at the Royal Dutch Institute in Rome and the Netherlands Institute in Turkey. They can point you in the right direction if you want an internship or other opportunities in the field during your studies.
  • International students looking for a semester abroad could opt for half a year in this Master’s specialisation, namely by following the courses in the first semester at Radboud University.
  • You can specialise in a Dutch-taught Master's profile in heritage policy. After successful completion of this specialisation, you will have the tools and the knowledge to properly give advise in issues and questions regarding heritage and to contribute to the field of heritage.
  • In the Keuzegids Masters 2024 students rate this programme above average compared to the national average.
Ancient and Medieval Mediterrranean Worlds cursus
Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds course

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