Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds

Master's specialisationAncient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds

The Master’s specialisation in Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds offers you a unique approach by looking at ancient and medieval history, Byzantium, the Islamic world and Western Europe in contact and conflict.

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  • Unique focus on the entire Mediterranean across the ancient and medieval periods.
  • You will acquire important skills such as being able to select, analyse and interpret pertinent historical information.
  • You have the opportunity to specialise in the Master's profile heritage policy.
  • Our staff has a wide network.
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We are also working with new concepts like transhistoricity, by creating a museum exhibition.
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What will you learn

Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds offers a unique programme covering ancient and medieval history, by focusing on Byzantium, the Islamic world and Western Europe in contact and conflict. Taught by a group of specialists who are internationally renowned in their respective fields of expertise, the programme offers a broad treatment of the major questions in facing Mediterranean history and its relevance for today. Topics include:

  • Cultural identity, cultural memory and imagined communities
  • Regionalism, colonialism and conquest
  • Continuity and change over the ancient and medieval periods
  • Tradition and ideology
  • Economic history and trade, including numismatics
  • Inter-religious contact, influence and acculturation

At the same time, the programme gives you the freedom of in-depth study through specialised courses and projects, depending on your own interests and future perspectives.

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Our graduates have found employment in public relations, industrial and public service management, librarianship, archive and museum work, teaching, lecturing and journalism.

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Your Master's thesis consists of an individual research project, which allows you to investigate a topic of your choice in any historical aspect connected to the ancient and medieval Mediterranean under the close supervision of our expert staff.


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