Career prospects

During the Master’s programme you will gain a broad perspective on the humanities in general due to the collaboration between the specialisations of Historical Studies, Literary Studies, and Art and Visual Culture. Through your individual Master’s research, you will also have had the opportunity to concentrate on a very specific phenomenon in your own field. This combination of a broad view and a specific focus will open a lot of doors for you. Our research programme has produced graduates who are much appreciated by employers for their research and analytical skills, and who have not only learned how to master large quantities of data, but also how to view the results of their research in a larger context.

After your studies

This Research Master’s prepares a multinational group of students for careers that require advanced academic competence and skills. For example, alumni of this programme have found positions as PhD student, researcher, policy officer, editor, curator or critic at museums, heritage institutions, archaeological agencies, publishing companies or text agencies.

Possible occupations

  • Researcher at a cultural or scientific organisation or research centre
  • Assistant of a senior researcher
  • Teacher at an institution for higher education
  • Policy-making official in the fields of culture and science
  • Editor in the field of historical or cultural scholarship
  • Staff member of a publishing company or text agency, usually with regard to scientific, historical or cultural journals
  • Curator of a cultural heritage institution or in the museal sector
  • Consultant for a political party
  • Journalist or critic

Radboud Career Service

You can always contact the Radboud Career Service. The Career Service offers students and young alumni guidance and support as they venture into the labour market. Career Service is available for career guidance, job application tips or if you require information about internships and job vacancies.

Keep learning after your Master’s

Do you want to keep pace with the rapid progress in our current society after your studies? Then a post-master might be something for you. The Radboud Academy (website in Dutch) offers many opportunities for lifelong development.