Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Master's programme at Radboud University has a distinctly cognitive focus where computational modelling is the central methodology used to understand naturally intelligent systems, build artificially intelligent systems and improve the interactions between natural and artificial systems. Students can choose one of two specialisations: Cognitive Computing or Intelligent Technology.


  • Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Technology

    Are you interested in human-centered technology for a responsible future of society? This interdisciplinary specialisation studies and develops intelligent systems, from medical AI, to artificial agents, to human-machine interfaces.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Computing

    Understanding biological intelligence and developing artificial intelligence are highly synergetic research endeavors. To do either we must do both. In this interdisciplinary specialisation, you follow both directions with a focus on research.


Do you want to follow one of the specialisations in Artificial Intelligence, but you're not fully equipped to do so? The pre-Master's programmes in either Intelligent Technology or Cognitive Computing offer you the possibility to bridge the gap between your previous education and your desired specialisation in AI.