Combining Master's programmes

Combining two Master’s programmes is a way to acquire an AI degree and a degree from another programme. It gives you the advantage of a broader understanding.  

Registration and Admission 

You can take the decision and apply for the combination of two master’s programmes in the course of your 1st year. All information will be available to you on the Brightspace Master Programme space as soon as you have become a Master’s student.

If you choose to combine your Master's programme in AI with another Master's programme, you should start by checking whether you meet the admission criteria of this second Master's programme. If not, you may have to do a pre-master first. You may also have to go through a selection procedure for this second Master's programme.  


If the Master’s programmes you like to combine complement each other, such as for instance is the case with the master Data Science or the research master Cognitive Neuroscience, it’s possible to get exemptions of overlapping courses to reduce the study load. In order to get these exemptions students must submit a personal and individual request to the examination boards of both programmes for approval. Such a request can be filed only after having been admitted to both programmes. The examination Board can approve exemptions up to a 60 EC max with the exclusion of the research project or master thesis.  


In principle every combination has its value but if you like to combine two master programmes with a more common background, you might think of: 

  • Research Master's programme in Cognitive Neuroscience 
    Information: a.koning [at] (Arno Koning) (Master coordinator CNS)  

  • Master's programme in Data Science  
    Information: perry.groot [at] (Perry Groot) (student advisor Data Science) 

More information 

If you want more specific information about the combination of your AI Master's programme with another programme, please consult the Master's coordinator of Artificial Intelligence: giulio.mecacci [at] (Giulio Mecacci) 

Master's coordinator Artificial Intelligence

Organisational unit

Master's coordinator Cognitive Neuroscience

Organisational unit

Student Advisor Data Science

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