Double Master's programme opportunities

The double Master’s programme is a way to acquire an AI degree and a Data Science or Cognitive Neuroscience degree in less time than it would take to acquire the two programmes separately.

Double Master's programme in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

This double Master's programme gives you a very broad understanding of the state-of-the-art principles and techniques to use and develop machine learning and classification techniques and apply them to artificial cognitive systems. Depending on your choice of AI specialisation you can focus on advanced data science techniques to further our understanding of the human brain and cognitive capacities (Cognitive Computing) or to build artificial cognitive systems (Intelligent Technology).

Double Master's programme in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Neuroscience

This double Master's programme gives you a very broad understanding of both natural and artificial intelligence at the brain and cognitive level. The programme offers a unique combination of cognitive science, machine learning, neurotechnology, and cognitive neuroscience. While you can technically combine both AI specialisations with all four CNS tracks, some combinations (notably "AI: Cognitive Computing" with "CNS: Perception, Action, and Control" or "CNS: Brain Networks and Neuronal Communication") allow for more overlap and thus more flexibility.

Programme outline academic year 2022-2023

Because the two programmes have a large common ground, it is possible to select specific courses and have them count for both programmes. A regular Master’s degree takes 120 ECs and two years. A double Master’s programme involves a carefully chosen number of ‘overlapping’ courses and allows you to obtain two Master’s degrees in three years. Interested students must submit a personal and individual request to the examination boards of both programmes for approval. Such a request can be filed only after having been allowed to both programmes. Not everyone who wants to attempt a double Master’s programme is allowed to do so. Admittance is based on academic background and personal motivation

More information

If you want more specific information about the double Master's programme option, please consult the Master's coordinators of both programmes:

Master's coordinator Artificial Intelligence

Organisational unit

Master's coordinator Cognitive Neuroscience

Organisational unit

Student Advisor Data Science

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