Study programme

Our goal is to train you to become an excellent behavioural scientist through courses in statistics, methods, skills, theoretical thinking, and research experience. You also have the flexibility to compose your own track by choosing theme courses, selective method courses, elective courses, and the subject matter of your projects. We encourage you to create your own path in the field of behavioural science!  

Statistics & research methods courses  

  • The programme includes three compulsory statistics courses and two compulsory research method courses. The first statistics course, advanced statistics in R, introduces the software package R, which is widely used in research and is free. Statistical training continues with courses in mixed effect models and structural equation modeling. 
  • The Professional Skills and Advanced Methods courses cover various research skills and methods in behavioural science, including for instance writing research proposals, eye-tracking methods, and behavioural observation. 
  • Students can choose one selective method course: Programming Skills (Python) or Intervention Science. 
  • Our Programming Skills course teaches you basic programming in Python for scientific experiments and data-processing. 
  • The Intervention Science course teaches how to test interventions in field settings and overcome challenges to boost research quality. 

Professional and personal development courses 

Our programme offers courses that equip you with essential skills for conducting  research, such as understanding ethics, academic publishing, writing grant proposals, and giving feedback. You'll also receive training in writing and presentation skills. From year one we offer meetings in which you can work on work ethics, prepare for life after graduation, and in which you canparticipate in national and international academic events to gain experience in behavioural science. 

Elective courses 

  • You have to choose five out of thirteen (4 EC) theme courses. The theme courses are offered by the BSI and are interdisciplinary, combining psychology, pedagogy, education, and communication science. 
  • You can choose elective courses (8 EC in total) from our own programme or from another programme, as long as they are relevant to your development as a behavioural scientist and at Master's level. 
  • The Examination Board has a list of approved elective courses from various other programmes, and requests for not-yet-approved courses can be made to the board. 

Research experience 

In about half of our Master's programme (59 EC), you'll gain valuable research experience.  

  • In your first year, you can choose a research topic from a list of Minor Research Projects. This project is performed in groups of three students.  
  • In the second year, you'll have the opportunity to autonomously set up and carry out your own research project with the guidance of two or more  experienced BSI researchers. You will choose your own topic and supervisors. 

We also encourage you to consider going abroad for a few months to visit another lab group and expand your international network. 


  • Behavioural Science: year 1

    The Master’s programme in Behavioural Science is taught at the Faculty of Social Sciences and is part of the graduate school of the Behavioural Science Institute. It has a course load of 120 EC.

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  • Behavioural Science: year 2

    The Master’s programme in Behavioural Science is taught at the Faculty of Social Sciences and is part of the graduate school of the Behavioural Science Institute. It has a course load of 120 EC

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Study abroad

We also look beyond borders, learning and working together with colleagues from outside the Netherlands. Several of our staff members and guest speakers are international, as are 30% of the students. We also offer the opportunity for students to do their major internship in the second year abroad.

Please see the International Office web page for information about meetings, scholarships, internships and other practical information.

Additional challenge

The Radboud Honours Academy offers students the chance to participate in an additional, challenging programme at no extra cost. You can apply for a spot in one the three Master’s honours programmes.