Would you like to specialise in organismal stress adaptation? Or in ecosystem dynamics, so that you can contribute to species protection and nature recovery? You could also dive into environmental modelling or walk the line between biological and medical (micro)biology. At Radboud University, you can choose from seven specialisations to define your field of interest within Biology.


  • Adaptive Organisms

    In this challenging, research-oriented specialisation, you will become an expert in the fundamental processes involved in stress adaptation of individual organisms, for example plants, micro-organisms and animals.

  • Conservation and Restoration Ecology

    Focus on the relationships between different communities within an ecosystem. Find out how they respond to environmental stress and unravel ecosystem dynamics. Use these insights to contribute to nature conservation and restoration.

  • Microbiology

    Focus on the functioning of microorganisms and their potential to improve our health and the environment. This includes applications such as energy-efficient waste management or new vaccines. You will gain extensive experience in microbial research.

  • Transnational ecosystem-based Water Management

    The double degree specialisation TWM is an international programme for future water managers, combining ecology, hydrology, and socio-economics. The focus is on ecological solutions, which are often more effective than technical adjustments.

  • Water and Environment

    Become an environmental expert and analyse the human impact on nature. You will learn to unravel the effects of stressors - like carbon dioxide emission or toxic pesticides - and connect scientific findings to societal implications or policies.

  • Science, Management and Innovation

    In Science, Management and Innovation (SMI) you will gain expertise in societal challenges, work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and learn the ability to speak the language of policy and business.

  • Science in Society

    Are you concerned about what is going on in the world? Do you have an interest in people, policies, science and society? In this specialisation, you study the relevance of science in society using theoretical principles and practical examples.

Thinking of getting a teaching qualification?

The (Dutch-only) Master's programme in Science Education (Educatie in de Bètawetenschappen) combines biology subjects, didactics and internships, which trains you to become a teacher for secondary or higher education.



Students who'd like to study MSc Biology but who lack a (small) part of the admissions criteria might be eligible for a (customised) pre-Master’s in English. The pre-Master's programme consists of specific courses from our Bachelor's programme in Biology and depends on the specialisation that you intend to choose in the Master’s programme. The content and duration of these pre-Master’s are determined and constructed on an individual basis.

  • Pre-Master's Biology

    This pre-Master's programme is especially designed to bridge the gap between your prior education and our Master's in Biology. The content and duration of these pre-Master’s are determined and constructed per individual student.