Aysel Gurbanova

Portrait Aysel Gurbanova
I believe Radboud University prepared me well for the academia. I had plenty of opportunities to do internships in the great labs thanks to Radboud University
Aysel Gurbanova
Biomedical Sciences

Aysel Gurbanova is a Master's student of Biomedical Sciences at Radboud University.

Why did you choose to attend Radboud University?

I have done my Erasmus+ program at Radboud University. From that time, I really loved the environment and the education here. The high quality education alongside the vibrant environment attracted me to this university. Therefore, I decided to do my Master's degree here.

Looking back at your time at Radboud, how did it prepare you for your career?

I studied Biomedical Sciences. I believe Radboud University prepared me well for academia. I had plenty of opportunities to do internships in the great labs thanks to Radboud University. I earned practical skills as well as a solid theoretical knowledge. I improved my presentation and writing skills due to numerous lectures and courses. Moreover, the team works during the lectures developed me as a great team player.

What did you like about your programme and what did you find most challenging?

The best part of this program is that you have such freedom to construct your own program. There is no strict curriculum. You can choose different paths such as research or communication and based on your path you can take any course that is relevant.
The most challenging part is probably finding an internship that you are interested in. Since there is huge demand, it can be difficult to find an internship on the desired topic. Therefore, it is good to start looking a couple of months earlier than the start date of the internship.

What did you think of the campus? Did you participate in any extracurricular activities? If so, which ones?

The campus is very vibrant, full of trees, and environmentally friendly. I especially loved the Radboud Sport Center. It is the best sport facility ever with numerous courses, a swimming pool, a huge gym and many other sport activities. My favorite activities were going to the swimming pool and joining AquaBOM classes. I would recommend everyone to join those courses.

Can you tell us about your career journey since graduating from Radboud University and about your current work?

I am a recent graduate from Radboud University. I want to continue my career in academia. I want to do PhD degree first in the field related to Immunology.

What knowledge and skills did you learn during your programme that are really useful to you now?

I have gained such confidence by doing a lot of presentations during courses. I have enhanced my communication skills. By doing internships in different labs, I have expanded my network.

What do you like about your profession and what makes working in your field so interesting and/or relevant?

In research, you do not get bored. There is always something new and exciting. Your findings can have a direct impact on many people which for me is the most important thing. You have the freedom to plan your experiments and change them as you want.

What advice or tips do you have for future students?

Try to use every opportunity that you come across. Do an internship abroad because it will improve your vision. Moreover, Radboud University helps students to find internships and also assists them financially via various scholarships.
Lastly, try the courses and gym in the sport center. Healthy body means healthy brain which leads to productive work. Additionally, it is great entertainment and a nice way of eliminating stress.