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Study programme of Biomedical Sciences

Our Master’s in Biomedical Science allows you – in the parameters of the programme – to construct a curriculum that meets your research interests and career goals. Important is that all your choices add up to a coherent programme. Your assigned mentor will help you determine your internships and theoretical education. The Board of Examinations must then approve your constructed programme.


  • Curriculum and courses

    Students have many options to construct their own programme. 
    Each year there are 6 course periods from Sept – Feb. During the first year, most students start by following specialisation courses from Sept-Nov. These specialisation courses provide substantive structure and depth on a number of core topics. Most students continue following additional courses until Feb to further specialise or broaden their master programme. From March until summer most students do their first internship. 

    In the second year, many students start by doing additional courses between Sept and Feb. It’s possible to follow courses from other topics or specialisations. Moreover, students opt for one the career profiles: Research, Consultancy or Science Communication. Each of these profiles have a number of mandatory courses in Dec - Feb. 
    Students do their second internship during the second year. 
    The literature thesis (taking approx. 1 month) can carried out either in the first or second year of the programme.

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Each student must perform at least two internships, one of which must be a research internship. This Master’s programme has a strong link with research departments/institutes connected to the Radboud University Medical Center offering many internship opportunities. Depending on your specialisation and other choices in your Master’s you can focus on research at a molecular/cellular, human (clinical practice and patient care) or population level. Of course it is also possible to do a research internship outside the Radboud University. Many students choose to perform one internship outside of the Netherlands.

The second internship depends on the chosen career profile. This implies that for a student with a research profile, both internships will involve scientific research. Students in other profiles can, next to their research internship, choose a second internship related to their profile choice. This means that students with a communication profile can, for example, perform a project in the field of health communication and students with a consultancy profile, for example, in the field of health policy analysis. Many students in the consultancy or communication profile perform their internship in an organisation outside of academia. 

Study abroad

Many Biomedical Sciences students choose to perform an internship or courses outside of the Netherlands. We encourage student mobility by advising and helping current students to perform part of their study abroad. Our specialisation coordinators and the Radboudumc international office can help students to find an internship position abroad.

Additional challenge

Do you want an extra challenge during your studies? Discover what the Radboud Honours Academy has to offer to achieve your maximum potential during your time as a student.