Why in Nijmegen?

The two-year programme Biomedical Sciences provides students with a solid base in research methodology, biostatistics, practical and communication skills. Leading scientists from a wide range of Biomedical research domains are involved in the teaching programme.

Students can construct their own programme based on personal, academic and professional interests. Students can choose from seven specialisations: Immunology and Host Defence, Clinical Human Movement sciences, Epidemiology, Health Technology Assessment, Drug Safety and Toxicology, Molecular Medicine and Medical Neuroscience. 

In addition to choosing one of the specialisations, students opt for one the career profiles: Research, Consultancy or Science Communication.

Biomedical Sciences offers you the opportunity to construct a programme that coincides with your future plans and professional interests. The research areas covered in the master’s programme are highly ranked worldwide in the ARWU/Shanghai, QS and THE rankings.

Research base with other career options

This master’s programme has a strong link with research departments connected to the Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen. Depending on your specialisation and other choices in your master’s you can focus on research at a molecular/cellular, human (clinical practice and patient care) or population and society level. However, there are also career options other than scientific research. Therefore, we offer you three career profiles: Research, Consultancy and Science Communication.

Top-notch guidance

Each student will be assigned to a specialisation coordinator who is an experienced researcher affiliated with the specialisation you choose. The specialisation coordinators take responsibility for the content and coaching of students within each specialisation. The specialisation coordinator supports the student during the entire programme and advises the student regarding their choices for courses, electives, internships, and future prospects. With the support of the specialisation coordinator, students reflect on their learning process and career aspirations.

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