Why study Chemistry of Life in Nijmegen?

In this specialisation, you will focus on complex molecular systems in a biological context. You will learn how cells work from a chemist’s perspective and become an expert in the chemistry of all biologically relevant molecules. Next, you can start to use chemistry to probe and modify cellular function, work on new drug delivery methods, or get hands-on experience with single cell technologies.

Why study Chemistry of Life?

  • At Radboud University, all (bio)chemistry and chemical biology research groups work closely together, allowing you to tackle a wide range of exciting problems during your internship
  • We have close contact with top research groups elsewhere in the world, which makes it possible to do your internship for example in Berlin, at Cambridge, or at Harvard.
  • Almost half of our students take up a PhD position after graduating.
  • All our students find a job within a few months after graduation.

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