Classics and Ancient Civilizations

We owe our modern democracy to the ancient Greeks. In state organisation, we also adopted several things from the Roman Emperors, such as the system of provinces, and Odysseus still haunts modern Western culture; just think of the film O Brother, Where Art Thou. Classical antiquity can rightly be called the cradle of our Western civilisation.

  • Greek and Latin Language and Literature

    The Master’s specialisation in Greek and Latin Language and Literature will grant you access to a special world. You will immerse yourself in classical themes, and get to sink your teeth into the language and uncover the world behind the words.

  • Classical Culture

    The Master’s specialisation in Classical Culture will allow you to dig up the past (sometimes even literally!) and teach you how to place buildings, texts, customs and artefacts in a classical cultural historical framework.


There is only a pre-Master's programme for the specialisation in Classical Culture.

  • Pre-Master's Classical Culture

    If you are not able to directly enrol in the Master’s specialisation in Classical Culture, you may be eligible for a pre-Master’s programme. in which you will learn about the classical world.