Communication and Information Studies

In the Master's programme in Communication and Information Studies you will consider and study the effects that communication has on organisations and companies. This Master's programme has two specialisations, each with its own perspective on professional communication. You can either focus on the way in which organisations can use communication to influence opinions or behavior or how organisations can optimize their communication with diverse target groups in international settings.

  • Communication and Persuasion

    How do organisations use communication to influence people’s behaviour and opinions? In this Master’s programme in Communication and Persuasion you will learn about the most important theories and how such processes can be investigated.

  • Global Communication and Diversity

    How can organisations adapt their communication to reach diverse, international target groups? How can communication promote inclusivity? This English-taught master’s programme provides you with the knowledge and tools to investigate such questions.


  • Pre-Master's Communication and Persuasion

    If you are not able to directly enrol in the Master’s specialisation in Communication and Persuasion, you may be eligible for a pre-Master’s programme. You will learn about the world of communication and media.

  • Pre-Master's Global Communication and Diversity

    If you do not have the right bachelor's degree for our Master’s specialisation, you can in some cases apply for our pre-Master’s programme. In this programme you get acquainted with the world of Global Communication and Diversity.