Sarian Kosten

Sarian Kosten
It is always fun to be working outside: in the water or on a boat.
Sarian Kosten
Conservation and Restoration Ecology
Current role
Prof. dr.

Sarian Kosten is a professor at Radboud University.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Sarian Kosten, and I am an aquatic ecologist. I have a broad interest in the impact of global change on freshwater ecosystems. Important questions I focus on are: How do global warming and drought affect water quality, and how can negative effects be minimised? And: How does climate change affect aquatic greenhouse gas emissions?

I work in different types of systems, including lakes, ditches, and fishponds in the Netherlands and abroad (principally in South America).

Why did you choose to study/work in this field? What makes this field so interesting?

I have been fascinated by life underwater since I was little: the typical image of a child with a net catching frogs, fish, and other creatures. I have also always been concerned about and interested in environmental issues. The choice to study aquatic ecology was an easy one. I like to understand how things work, but also try to find solutions to problems. In my research field, these two topics can easily be combined.

What are you currently doing your own research on?

I work on different topics related to ecology and biogeochemistry. For example, we are looking at how water plants can not only contribute to better water quality but also mitigate aquatic greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we are examining how freshwater aquaculture in Brazil can be made more environmentally sustainable.

What advice do you have for students making their study choice?

Choose something you enjoy doing now (without perhaps thinking too much about future career paths).

What does your work in practice bring to your academic work, and vice versa?

My work relates to water policy and water management. We collaborate with water authorities and nature managers, for instance.

What is the best part of being a lecturer?

I enjoy teaching and even more so being in the field with students. I teach things and point things out, but also always learn new things myself. In addition, it is always fun to be working outside: in the water or on a boat.